Stormzy and Chip beef: A full rundown of why the two rappers are feuding right now

Stormzy came to Chip’s house

Stormzy clearly can’t stay out of trouble. As the most commercially successful rapper in the UK, it must be hard being sent for every other day by every man and his dog, but it’s about picking your battles. When Wiley came around a few months ago, Stormzy sent back with a few tracks that sought to cut through Wiley’s stupid bravado, but the whole thing seemed like the latest in a series of infantile attempts for Wiley to try and boost his relevance (and we all know how that attitude left him). This time, however, Stormzy is up against a far more formidable foe – Chip.

Chip is regarded highly for his bars on the scene, so people are obviously rather excited about this clash on Twitter. However, although you may have seen the video of Stormzy turning up to Chip’s house or Chip rapping at his favourite local petrol station, what actually happened between Wiley and Chipmunk to cause this beef? And will this be what it takes for Stormzy to come out of his social media slumber? Let’s take a look back at the history between the two rappers to try and unravel what started the whole Stormzy Chip beef.

Rumours started when Chip allegedly dissed Stormzy on his track “Waze”

Although Chip has an active past of feuds ranging from Tinie Tempah to Bugzy Malone, nobody suspected any beef between him and Stormzy until the March 2020 track “Waze” with Skepta and Young Adz. In the song are lyrics that appear to reference Stormzy and his rise to fame, with some choice references that could be seen as responses to Stormzy’s lyrics referring to himself as a “king”:

You ain’t been platinum, silver or gold, you ain’t even been bronze, you div
You ain’t even done ten years in this ting
‘Round here we don’t hear you’re a king, man will take your throne
Piss on your forehead, know your role
With cold spitters you ain’t never been toe for toe
Step in the ring, get shown the ropes

In addition to his self-reference as a king, Stormzy’s last album artwork even showed him wearing a crown, so it’s not much of a reach to assume the above lyrics are sent right at big Michael.

Stormzy then appeared to clap back on Tion Wayne’s track “I Dunno”

The alleged response came in the form of Stormzy’s feature on Tion Wayne’s May 29th track “I Dunno”, in which he made a number of digs back. Again, it seems pretty obvious to most people that these are lyrics that seem to hit right at Chip from even the first line, that questions if he’s being sent for. How philosophical:

Is he sending for me? I dunno
What them boy there sell first week? I dunno
When they ask for the fee let ’em know that’s it 1.5 for the headline show
Little n****, that’s milli’s, not thousands
Stormzy the goat but they really been doubtin’
Came offline, I’ve been chillin’ in mountains
How about you, bro? I really sell albums
Wait, look, I thought I heard shots but the shoe don’t fit
Can’t flex on me with Louboutin drip
Cah my n****, that’s stupid shit
We all know that I’m stupid rich

The above roughly translates to “I have more money than you, and that makes me better than you.”

Stormzy showed up at Chip’s house in his Lamborghini

You know what? It wasn’t good enough telling you I’m rich, I’ve got to flex the Urus and come knocking on your door now!! Big movements for someone who is best mates with Ed Sheeran and simps over Adele lol, but we move.

A statement from Chip’s manager followed, claiming that Stormzy had broken in and was shouting from the car park for Chip to come outside, even making his way to Chip’s apartment and causing a “commotion”. The video is “after he was escorted out the building by police”.

Chip tweeted about seeing this video

Full timeline of the 2020 Chip v Stormzy beef : grime

On October 7th 2020, Chip tweeted saying that he’s seen the video of “Stormzy and friends tryna run up on [his] house”. It’s unclear why Chip then went on to delete the tweet, but perhaps it had something to do with what he had planned… which was posting a load of seemingly nonsensical pictures of characters from film and TV. However, little did we know that he was simultaneously producing his send.

That evening Chip sent for Stormzy at the infamous gas station with “Flowers”

Chip brought it back to the gas station where he sent for Bugzy with the first send in what hopefully turns into a full on battle of words. From the comments section and like/dislike ratio, it’s fair to say that people are pretty impressed with this one and eagerly awaiting Stormzy’s clap back.

I know where you live too, but that is not the point of this
Pull up, catch me lackin’, plan failed, there’s no avoidin’ this.
Dunno what you heard about Essex but it’s calm, darg
And they ain’t used to black people screamin’ down the car parks
So let me ask you this, Mr. Road Man, ’cause you don’t get the program
It seems like you wanna lose it all.

As one of the top comments says: “I want to see how Stormzy handles this one because Chip is NO JOKE on the mic and I don’t want to hear I got more money than you blah blah. Bring me bars.”

Chip then sent again with the track “Killer MC”

What a mad beat. Seriously, I wouldn’t even know where to start matching something even resembling a sentence to this beat. We know this is going to be tasty one from the production value alone: smoke everywhere, some bookey backing dancers and Chip nonchalantly stepping over bodybags and shouting into a flamey microphone. Brilliant.

Who’d have thought the man that made Oopsy Daisy would ever be coming out with this? Not us – Stormzy, you’ve got to be putting some serious pen to paper as we speak.

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