Please watch this video of Carole Baskin dressed as a lion dancing the samba

She was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night 🙁

Last night saw the third week of Dancing With The Stars and it was Disney week, so Carole Baskin dressed up as a big cat and danced to The Lion King, of course.

This is the third (out of three) times where the Tiger King star has gone cat related, last week dancing to What’s New Pussycat, and in the first week wearing full tiger print and dancing to Eye of the Tiger.

This week, her and her partner Pasha Pashkov danced the Samba to “Circle of Life”. Carole and Pasha both came out dressed as actual lions, it really was something.

Watch the full video of Carole Baskin performing on week three of Dancing With The Stars here:

Despite showing she’s willing to do just about anything to keep this big cat lover persona up, and keep the public going for her – it wasn’t enough. Carole Baskin was in the bottom two again, and this time the judges chose not to save her. She became the second contestant to be eliminated from season 29 of the show after scoring 12/30 for the routine.

Carole’s score was down on last week when she scored 16 but better than the first week where she scored 11. But, all three judges chose to save actress Anne Heche, who was in the bottom alongside Carole.

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After being voted out, Carole said: “My husband is going to be so happy I’m coming home.”

It was fun while it lasted, I guess.

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