These 26 Enola Holmes memes are more impressive than her jiu jitsu skills

Also Henry Cavill as Sherlock. That’s all

Over the weekend, lots of us watched Netflix’s answer to a Sherlock Holmes movie, Enola Holmes. The film has gone straight into the top viewed spot worldwide and the internet is full of Enola Holmes appreciation and a whole bunch of memes.

It seems like we all agree on a few things: Enola’s looks are iconic, Henry Cavill is the best looking Sherlock ever to exist, Viscount Tewksbury content is the best type of content and Enola’s jiu jitsu skills are second to none.

Here are all the best memes and reactions to Enola Holmes on Netflix, so far.

1. Honey say it louder for the baby boomers at the back !!

2. Stunning

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3. Can I sign twice??

4. Yeah, she served

5. Enola was fierce af and I was scared

6. Yes, I do believe he was

7. This scene was POWERFUL


9. Don’t mind me x

10. Not a lock out of place x

11. And your thoughts are correct

12. Preach

13. Shivers. Every single time

14. He is hella cute let’s be real

15. Shook !!

16. I am in awe x

17. I adore them all ok???

18. You know this is iconic

19. Weep

20. A force

21. *Chef’s kiss*

22. Netflix, give us what we want

23. Accurate

24. I can’t breathe this is so cute

25. Lmao awkward

26. All I want in life tbh

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