The George Floyd murder trial will be shown live on UK TV

The new Court TV channel will also being showing the R Kelly sex abuse case

The trial of the policemen accused of killing George Floyd will be shown live on UK television.

The case will be shown on Court TV, a new Sky channel, which is also be showing the R Kelly sex abuse case.

One policeman, Derek Chauvin, will be tried for murder and manslaughter. Three others – Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng – will be charged with manslaughter and aiding and abetting murder.

Court TV will also show the trial of three white men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery, a black man in Georgia. In June, Arbery was shot while out running.

England recently tabled legislation allowing cameras into crown courts, but only the judge would be filmed under those proposals. In the US, full trials are televised – most notably the infamous OJ Simpson trial 25 years ago.

The channel offers expert analysis alongside its live “gavel-to-gavel” coverage of trials as they happen.

Scott Tufts, senior vice president of Court TV, told TV Guide: “With the Chauvin case, Minnesota allows cameras if all parties agree – and there’s every indication that the court and attorneys involved in the death of George Floyd are open to a transparent process of justice. They have been extremely open with the media with a real sense of acknowledgement of the public’s interest.”

Jonathan Katz, president of the company behind Court TV, said: “There’s been nothing like Court TV in the United Kingdom until now,

“American crime dramas have long been a staple on television worldwide, including the U.K., while global consumer interest in the real-life drama of true-crime programming has skyrocketed, with American reality crime content as the most-watched. Court TV is the only network covering these cases and these events live, as they happen, from start to finish. We anticipate viewers in the U.K. will embrace having a front-row seat to American criminal justice.”