People cancel their Netflix subscriptions after Cuties is accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls

A Netflix user tweeted saying ‘We can no longer be funding this filth’

Netflix users have started to cancel their subscriptions over the controversial French film Cuties.

The film follows an 11-year-old Muslim immigrant named Amy, who becomes obsessed with a dance group before secretly joining. The film has been accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls.

The film was directed by Maïmouna Doucouré and was released on Wednesday earlier this week. However since being released the film has been heavily criticised for sexualised dance moves, such as twerking, being performed by young girls in the routines.

On Twitter, the hashtag #CancelNetflix began trending yesterday and Netflix are now facing many of their users cancelling their subscriptions.

Reacting to the film, one Netflix user tweeted: “The short amount of footage I just scrolled past of their dances is way worse than I first thought. Reading up more and I want to vomit. #CancelNetflix is happening and rightfully so. I just cancelled mind. It’s really really awful.”

Another Netflix user tweeted their thoughts with a screenshot of their cancelled subscription. They said: “What is happening is beyond disgusting. How can a billion dollar company think that this is the way to go and support such vile acts. We can no longer be part of funding this filth. #CancelNetflix”

Last month, Netflix was criticised for the poster of Cuties which saw main character, 11-year-old Amy, posing with the other dancers in booty short and in sexualised poses.

Despite the backlash, Cuties has also been defended by some who have argued that it highlights the dangers of the sexualisation of young girls. They said that the film brings the problems surrounding social media rather than being about a young girl who wants to join a dance group that twerks.

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