This is what the people from Dirty John season two look like in real life

It’s based on the true story of Dan and Betty Broderick

Last week, Netflix released the second instalment of the Dirty John anthology, this time focusing on the famous case of Dan and Betty Broderick. The true crime series is a dramatised version of real events, with the Dirty John season two cast being made up of characters to portray the real life people.

The controversial divorce of Dan and Betty Broderick ended in a double murder. The story is an escalation of gaslighting and an affair, which had a tragic ending. But what did the Dirty John season two characters look like in real life? Here’s what the main people whose stories are told actually look like.

Betty Broderick

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In 1989, Betty Broderick shot dead her ex-husband Dan and his new wife Linda, after the pair flaunted their new life together in front of her. Dan and Linda had been having an affair whilst Dan was still with Betty, and Dan had been gaslighting Betty all throughout their relationship. Betty was 41-years-old when she committed the crimes.

After being convicted of the double murder, Betty Broderick gave her first interview from prison on the Oprah Winfrey show. She broke down in tears as she recalled what happened between her and Dan, and when she realised she had a “major problem on her hands”- being Linda Kolkena.

Betty is played in the Netflix series by Amanda Peet, who has been styled to look like Betty with her blonde curls.

Dan Broderick

Dan Broderick, real life

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Dan was born in Pittsburgh, the eldest son of a very large Irish Catholic family. He was a very prominent California lawyer. After Dan and Betty’s separation became official in 1989, Dan married his assistant Linda in the same year.

Dan won custody of the children, and blasted Betty in front of their children and to the papers. He took on his wife, and Broderick v Broderick become one of the most talked about American divorces in history.

Dan was shot in the chest by Betty – but didn’t die instantly. It is reported he said “Okay, you shot me. I’m dead” to Betty after the incident. Dan Broderick III, who was 44 when he died, is played in the Netflix show by Christian Slater.

Linda Broderick (Kolkena)

Linda Kolkena

via Netflix / In real life, via YouTube

The woman who Dan later married, Linda Kolkena, who was also killed by Betty Broderick is played in the show by Rachel Keller. In real life, Linda was also much younger than Betty, attractive and blonde. She worked as Dan Broderick’s assistant before they started having an affair.

Dirty John, season two, Broderick, characters, real life, pictures, real, now, true story, Netflix, crime, Linda Kolkena

Dan and Linda, via YouTube

Linda was 21 when she met Dan Broderick, and 28 when she died. Linda is believed to have died instantly after being shot in her bed by Betty.

Dan and Betty Broderick’s children

Dan and Betty Broderick had four children together – Kim, Lee, Rhett and Daniel Broderick. In the show they are referred to as Tracy, Jennifer, Ryan and Anthony.

Two of the Broderick children, Dan Jnr and Kim, have spoken publicly about their ordeal. In the 90s they were interviewed by Oprah, after a movie about the story was released.

The second season of the Dirty John anthology: The Betty Broderick Story is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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