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That Trump interview was a disaster but these 23 Jonathan Swan memes aren’t

‘Me trying to find grilled cheese on the fancy menu’

It is no surprise to anyone Trump’s latest interview was a complete failure, but what no one was expecting was for it to create some quality memes aka the Jonathan Swan memes.

Australian journalist Jonathan Swan grilled Trump on Tuesday about coronavirus, Ghislaine Maxwell and his 2020 campaign. Trump used a load of papers to defend his handling of the pandemic. And alongside that, Trump commented he had done more for black people than civil rights campaigner John Lewis, which got a lot of priceless reactions from Jonathan.

His facial expressions are perfectly suited to a meme and people on Twitter are using it sum up their feelings about 2020, looking at your ex and the absurdity of British place names.

These are the 23 best Jonathan Swan memes:

1. Yeah we can totally split it

2. What was I thinking??

3. We really have looked like this

4. I’m sorry but I just needed another cheese plant

5. Sorry sir but where is the fried food?

6. Get me to Ballsgate Common stat

7. Hehhehehe

8. Really??

9. Those GCSE history essays on 2020 are going to be wild

10. We all have the chair

11. They really are twins

12. This is the 2020 vibe

13. Those essays were actually dire

14. Oh yeah that makes complete sense

15. What a beaut drawing

16. But I only spend eight hours a day on Instagram?

17. A meme that transcends time

18. Yeah but no one wants a frozen pizza mum

19. Wait what??

20. It’s a totally valid degree

21. Are they joking? He can’t be

22. Do you wanna build a snowman?

23. Literally why bother with uni this year?

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