Quiz: Which character from Fresh Meat are you?

Please not JP

Jack Whitehall hasn’t been funny for nearly a decade now, but the brief apex of his career was surely the four seasons of uni-based gold Fresh Meat.

He gave to us a house of instantly recognisable housemates: there was Howard, the nerd who never leaves his room and dries Peking Duck in the Kitchen; JP, the posh one who get on everyone’s nerves but pays for everything so its sort of okay; Kinglsey, the pretentious music nut who overthinks everything and has frequent meltdowns; Oregon, the wannabe academic/politician/novelist that couldn’t quite make it work; Vod, the hard-as-nails party animal; Josie, the sweet and organised one with a not-so-secret psycho streak; and Sabine, the strange one who’s nice enough but doesn’t conform to any of our British uni customs.

But which one are you? Take this Fresh Meat quiz to find out.

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