QUIZ: Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you exactly how edgy you really are

‘I just prefer Tame Impala’s earlier work’

Straying from the mainstream. Listening to alternative music. Being fundamentally different from the sea of people that all look and sound the same. These are the qualities that everyone, deep down, wishes they had. What’s the fun in simply being the same as everyone else? There are already so many human beings in this world, it would be a crime to not try and stand out as much as you possibly can. Oh, to be E-D-G-Y.

But how edgy do you think you really are? A rigorous amount of scientific research has gone into the following 10 questions to put just that to the test. Will you end up as edgy as a dodecahedron, or walk (roll) away like a sad, little circle?

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