These unis are offering the fewest places to black students

Last year Belfast only made 50 offers to black students

Some of the country’s top unis are offering a place to fewer than 200 black students a year.

Belfast, Glasgow and St Andrews are the top UK unis that offer the fewest places to black students, new stats have revealed.

Belfast, who made a total of 11,635 offers in 2019, only made 50 of those to black students.

In other words, for every black student offered a place, 232 offers were made to white students.

Under the Russell Group’s Scottish and Northern Irish members, other than those aforementioned, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Durham and York all take the top tier for fewest offers made to black students.

For example, Edinburgh makes an average of 62 offers to white students for every one offer made to a black student.

According to the BBC, Tottenham MP David Lammy says students are twice as likely to get in to a Russell Group uni if they are white compared with their black counterparts.

Out of the Russell Group unis, those who came in at the better end of the spectrum were those predominantly in London, such as UCL, King’s, Queen Mary and Imperial.

Oxford and Cambridge, who have in the past come under fire for their ‘staggering failure’ to take in more black students, rest firmly in the middle of the Russell Group category.

In 2019 Oxford made 20 offers to white students for every offer made to a black student.

Cambridge, on the other hand fared slightly above this, with 120 offers made to black students, and 2,175 to white students. For every black student who gets an offer, the university are making about 19 offers to white students.

Data: UCAS CSV file of all data

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