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Take this simple test and we’ll define your relationship for you

Because you probably don’t want to

Ugh, modern day relationships really do suck don’t they? Sometimes you don’t know if you’re coming or going, labelling or not labelling or in love or being too intense. And that’s before you even start on all the confusing dating terms that are used for every single tiny stage of you getting to know each other. Well this simple relationship test deletes all of that bullshit, and skips straight to the bit where you find out exactly where you stand. It’s magical.

Are you in a situationship? Are you official and loving your happy and cosy life together? Or are you in nothing but a prolonged several night stand where you don’t think you’ll ever move forward? Answer the questions in the following relationship test and find out for sure. You are so welcome.

Take this test and we’ll try to define your current relationship:

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