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Which of Joe Exotic’s songs slaps the hardest? A definitive ranking

Here Kitty Kitty is an anthem

Right now, everyone is talking about Tiger King on Netflix. It’s wild, shocking and contains so many unbelievable characters by the end of it you might have forgotten that it’s actually a true crime documentary. But what definitely doesn’t get enough air time in the series is the music of Joe Exotic. His songs are an art form.

If you loved Tiger King and thought it was a rollercoaster ride (same), then strap in because you really need to see the wonder of the world that is Joe Exotic country music. All the songs are available on his YouTube channel, which in itself is quality entertainment. Here is a ranking of Joe Exotic’s best songs and music videos, you’re welcome.

11. Guardians Of The Children

This one is a little bit creepy, not much of a vibe.

10. The Sun Says

The video for The Sun Says is deep and clearly very well thought out. But if you listened to every single one of Joe’s songs, I guarantee this would be the one you’d forget about.

9. My First Love

Nothing but respect to Joe Exotic for laying out his heart in this music video. The lyrics are poignent and clearly came from the heart. All good artists have a ballad that means a lot to them but it’s just not as catchy and fun as their other singles. My First Love is that for Joe Exotic – it’s just not as much of a bop as the others, sorry.

8. This Is My Life

Just like the Tiger King documentary, This Is My Life is emotional. The cinematography of the video is one of Joe’s best yet and the lyrics are heartfelt. In this song you feel as though you’re getting a real insight into the life of Joe Exotic. This is his heart on his sleeve anthem. Joe cries in the video and tbh, I shed a tear too.

7. GW and Me

The chorus of GW and Me has lots of catchy rhymes and you will definitely be singing this one all night long. It’s a bit slower than some of the others, but nonetheless has potential to be a big tune. It has to be mentioned that the music video for GW and Me is very reminiscent and wholesome.

6. Bring It On

Two words for Bring It On: Massive. Bop. It’s so on brand for Joe Exotic to be singing about taking on his critics and the media with a gun in hand. This song is basically Joe Exotic giving everyone the two fingers and you have to stan.

5. Because You Love Me

This song deserves top five purely for the first 15 seconds before Joe starts singing. Getting all of his zoo guests to wave their hands around to that slapping beat? Classic. I would love to know what was going through the minds of all the people who turned up at the zoo this day to see some tigers and then ended up with a cameo appearance in a music video. Even Joe Exotic knows this beat is sick, look at the way he bops along – he loves it.

4. Pretty Woman Lover

Pretty Woman Lover is everything you expect from Joe Exotic’s music – it’s just him being a massive rockstar. Not ashamed to say I will definitely be singing this song for the foreseeable.

3. How Was I To Know

This beat is unreal and the music video of him singing out onto a drive-in cinema is top-tier iconic. Joe Exotic really pulled out all the stops for How Was I To Know and it shows.

And I’m just going to leave this here:

Joe Exotic, music, video, songs, country, YouTube, JoeExoticTV, Tiger King, Netflix

I’m not sure either.

2. I Saw A Tiger

I Saw A Tiger is Joe Exotic’s anthem. It plays him out at the end of the Tiger King documentary and it sums him up beautifully. “I saw a tiger and now I understand, I saw a tiger and the tiger saw me”. It’s tear inducing stuff, absolutely stunning and the song of the summer.

I challenge you to listen to this song in full and then not have it stuck in your head for at least a day.

1. Here Kitty Kitty

No song will ever beat Here Kitty Kitty. The ultimate diss track. Joe Exotic actually wrote a song all about the rumours that Carole Baskin killed her missing husband. If that’s not enough, he got a Carole lookalike to star in the video and feed a fake body to tigers. This is the level of petty I aspire to be.

All that aside, this song is actually really catchy and …well written?? I genuinely think this could do well in the charts. Truly iconic.

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