Best dressed in lockdown: The sickest looks from students in quarantine

They look so good it’s almost contagious

Everyone says that a sure fire way to avoid quarantine craziness is to dress in actual people clothes, get yourself ready, and just wear them around the house. That is obviously incredibly tiresome and no one can be arsed to do this everyday. A full face of makeup just for me to walk around the house eating bread and annoying my mum? No thanks. But occasionally, when you feel yourself on the edge of insanity, you have to stunt a bit just to feel human again.

Students across the country have been doing just that. Still bringing their A game and wearing fire fits, despite lectures being online and having genuinely nothing to do but watch Netflix for hours at a time. You might think, “what’s the point of style inspo when no one’s seeing my outfits”? Well, too late. Because we’re doing campus style even throughout quarantine. No rest for the wicked, baby.

Charlie, Liverpool, Third year


Allie, Manchester, Second year

Gina, Coventry, Masters


Izzy, Southampton, Third year


EJ, Exeter, Third year


Aimee, Sussex, Second year


Eve, Royal Holloway, Second year


Josh, Birmingham, Fourth year

Annabel, Birmingham, Third year


Izzy, Cardiff, First year


Charlie, Lancaster, Second year

Kerri, Ulster, Second year


Rebecca, Lancaster, Second year


Maddy, Coventry, Third year


Beth, Cardiff, Third year


Tom, Sussex, Second year


Cat, Leeds, Masters


Alexander, Sussex, Third year


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