How to dress for your online seminar to suit your general vibe

Because you can still look peng while self-isolating

Social distancing to slow down the spread of COVID-19 has pretty much destroyed our lives as students; graduations are being cancelled faster than a celebrity with a problematic past, there’ll be no more pints in the SU after lectures and you can say goodbye to your all-nighters in the library.

But, perhaps most tragically, if you’re in your final year you’ll never have to decide what to wear to a face-to-face lecture or seminar ever again.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some ideas for the perfect self-isolation looks for you to try so you can still flex to your course mates a final few times.

The e-boy from the waist up

Take off the beanie, you’re indoors mate

So, you’re a grungey kinda guy who exclusively shops in Urban Outfitters. You’re gutted that all the stores have closed, but you have an image to uphold. You can’t possibly be seen in your webinar without a beanie and some weird graphic tee that cost you £50, but worrying about what to wear on your bottom half is just not worth the mental stress.

Most likely to be studying: Geography

Style: 6

Comfortability: 8

Effort: 7

Main drawback: You can’t stand up for fear of looking like the lazy mess you truly are

The wannabe edgy girl who misses her event nights

The scrunchie is KEY

You’ve got your nose ring, your Chilly’s bottle and your scrunchies. Whack on the top you’d wear to your usual raves, but you don’t need your Filas and Topshop flares – just go for trackie bottoms instead. Uni’s over, you can’t leave the house, and absolutely anything goes. Strategically place your tapestry behind, to make sure your whole seminar can see it and therefore know you’re vibey af. Instead of actually watching your lecturer, use your seminar time to scroll through Depop and find the ‘fits for your summer festivals, on the off-chance they don’t get cancelled. 

Most likely to be studying: Philosophy

Style: You think it’s a 10

Comfortability: 7

Effort: 9

Main drawback: You’re not actually a VSCO girl

The gym lad who’s been working out at home and wants you to know about it

Put on a jumper kid you’ll catch a cold. Wait…

Gyms are probably gonna be closed soon and they’re a hotbed for viruses anyway, so you’ve been on the at-home workout vibe. What better way to show off to your virtual class mates that you’re still working on that summer body than to wear skimpy gym attire for your group video call? (Although you probably won’t need said summer body, because everything’s been cancelled.)

Most likely to be studying: Business Management

Style: 2

Comfortability: 10

Effort: 0

Main drawback: You just look like a bit of a conceited dickhead – there’s no argument here

The Fiat 500 girl

Fairy lights are the best background for your webinar

“Jeans and a nice top”, but make it quarantine. Choose your nicest top (the one you’d normally wear for “drinks with the gals! Xx”) and some PJ bottoms you got as part of a matching set; you can’t quite bring yourself to wear leggings or shit grey trackies, like everyone else does. The most basic of the girls: You really want everyone to think you have your shit together – although, it doesn’t really matter, because you will literally never see any of these people in real life ever again. 

Most likely to be studying: Psychology

Style: 8

Comfortability: 6

Effort: 10

Main drawback: Looking like you have your shit together, and actually having your shit together, are two very different things

The pretty boy who’s a bit vain, but we’ll let him off x

Wearing jeans in bed? Go off, king

You might care about how you look a little bit too much, but in these desperate times that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Dressing up to go and sit in the living room everyday might actually be good for your head, and you can provide some eye candy for your course mates. But for fuck’s sake don’t wear shoes as well, it’s really not that deep.

Most likely to be studying: English Literature

Style: 9

Comfortability: 4

Effort: 10

Main drawback: Sure, dungarees in bed is a cardinal sin, but you just look so bloody cute!!

The ‘I promise I’ve been using isolation to get fit’ girl

There’s a lotta deceivin’ going on here.. a lotta deceivin’

Picture the scene: you’ve been self-isolating for a week. You haven’t showered (or, indeed, moved from your bed) for days. You’ve thought about putting on your gym gear, finding your yoga mat and doing a GraceFit home workout, but then you crawled back under the duvet. But your course mates don’t need to know that. Keep the Christmas PJs on (no one can see them, anyway), whack on a sports bra, put your hair in a high pony and you’re good to go. If you really want to set the mood, wet your hair and spray your face for some faux sweat. 

Most likely to be studying: Biology

Style: 2

Comfortability: 10

Effort: 0

Main drawback: Pretending you’ve been exercising will make you realise how lazy you truly are

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