This is how to apply for the next season of Love Is Blind

There are 46 questions you need to answer!

Love Is Blind has been confirmed for two more seasons and it’s the best news we’ve heard all year. And now you’re probably wondering how do I apply to find my Lauren or Cameron. Well you probably won’t get that lucky but we can try.

Yesterday it was confirmed Netflix would be making two more series of Love Is Blind and they were looking at casting in Chicago. The applications for the next series have already opened.

The application process is longggg, but inevitably worth it if you end getting involved in a love triangle and marrying the love of your life like Amber and Barnett.

via Netflix

First of all you have to be over 21-years-old to apply to be on the show. Then you have to complete a series of questions.

The questions start with basic factual information like your name, address and age. There’s then a section where you have to link all your social media profiles, including your LinkedIn (maybe this time we’ll get more job details than just “regional manager”).

They ask if you’re a US citizen which would probably indicate they’re going to be doing the next series there.

You then have to upload a face photo and a full body shot. And they also ask about if you’ve been married before and if you have any children. This is then when the questions get deep.

They ask a series of dating questions including “What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a mate?”, “What are your deal breakers?”, “What does your perfect match look like physically? What physical traits are you NOT attracted to?” and hilariously “Why are you a good catch?”.

You also have the chance to say if you have any religious or cultural deal breakers.

They also ask about your current living situation, your sexual orientation and if you’ve ever applied for other TV shows or been in any before.

You can apply to Love Is Blind here. GO, GO, GO!!!!

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