Everything we know about Love Is Blind season two so far

The creator wants to make 20 more series


Love Is Blind season one has officially finished, apart from the reunion special next week, and we are devastated we have no more Jessica in our lives. And we are all left wondering when the hell are we going to be getting a Love Is Blind season two.

Netflix have not confirmed yet whether there will be a second series of the most dramatic show of the century. But the creator, producers and contestants have all said season two is looking very likely. Thank GOD.

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Here is everything we know about the potential Love Is Blind season two:

The creator is 100 per cent up for it and wants to make 20 series

Love is Blind creator, Chris Coelen, is the show’s number one fanboy. In an interview he said he really wants to create at least a season two and is prepared to do another 20 seasons. This is the positivity we need.

He said: “I want to see a season 2 or a season 12. Don’t you?”

Yes Chris, we most certainly do.

A producer on the show has also said they’re very hopeful for a second series

Paria Sadighi, a producer on the show, has said the team loved working with Netflix and they’re hopeful for another season. She said: “We are hopeful for a season two! It’s been SO incredible partnering with Netflix on a show we all love so much.”

The pods are literally ready to go

Our main man Chris has confirmed the pods still exist and are being held in a special facility in Atlanta.

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They want to film in loads of different cities and countries

Again Chris is our main source of information when it comes to season two. He said he wants to look at taking the show to cities like New York, Houston, Boston and Chicago.

Rory, aka the guy who deserved more, said the producers have been talking about wanting to expand the show to other cities and countries. So does this mean we’ll be getting a UK version?

We could probably get another season in less than a year

The filming for Love Is Blind wrapped in November 2018 and we’re only seeing it now, which doesn’t bode well. But the filming of the show took 40 days and then there’s obviously pre and post production. Netflix haven’t said why it took so long to get the show out.

They probably wanted to launch it around Valentine’s Day and it wouldn’t have been ready for 2019 Valentine’s Day. So now Netflix knows how much they desperately want it, surely they’ll be able to get it ready for Valentine’s Day 2021?

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