Tammy Hembrow is being called out for doing a photoshoot next to war memorial

Who approved this?

Influencer Tammy Hembrow has faced criticism after she shot her new fitness collection next to the Anzac Memorial in Queensland, Australia.

The Anzac Memorial in Surfer’s Paradise is dedicated to the memory of those who served in the Australian Armed Forces. The block memorial is carved out with the words “Lest we Forget”.

Tammy does not appear to take any photos on the block itself but is seen posing in gym kit with other models on the steps of the memorial, less than a metre away from the sandstone block.

via Instagram @tammyhembrow

After the shoot Tammy shared behind the scenes pictures to her Instagram but only pictures away from the memorial. She said on her posts she couldn’t wait to show her followers the latest Saski collection.

Tammy also told her 10.7 million Instagram followers the Saski collection will be shown at New York Fashion Week next month.

Tammy Hembrow is a fitness influencer who has a clothing brand, workout plans available for purchase and is an ambassador for Women’s Best protein shakes.

via Instagram @tammyhembrow

This isn’t the first time an influencer has used a poignant memorial for a quick pic.

A few years ago Alfie Deyes posed on an Aids memorial in Brighton to get a quality photo for the gram. He quickly came under fire for his ignorance and apologised on Twitter for “not knowing” and was sorry to anyone he’d “offended”.

He said: “Just seen a tweet saying that in the picture I tweeted of myself celebrating Brighton Pride, I was sitting on the edge of an Aids Memorial. For sure didn’t realise that and didn’t mean to offend anyone if the picture did. I’ve deleted it! Thanks for letting me know x”

The Tab have contacted Tammy’s representatives for comment.

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