These 23 memes about Siânnise’s priceless reaction will get your pulse racing

Shaun’s knees is an instant meme

On last night’s Love Island the sexy dance challenge was back. Mike was very fit, Paige gave it a good go, but all anyone could talk about on Twitter was Siânnise’s reaction to the new girl Rebecca. And Siânnise’s face created some classic memes.

Rebecca rocked up looking like a Victoria Secret’s angel and danced for all the boys and Siânnise’s face was priceless. She comes across totally chill and not at all threatened by Rebecca’s arrival.

siannise meme face love Island

via ITV2

People are calling her face the first meme of the series, which is mad seeing as we’ve been blessed with so many memes from the first show and from Ollie’s exit. 

But her reaction is the first proper face reaction meme which can be applied to nearly every situation, hence why the entire Internet is obsessed. From not taking the chicken out the freezer to that guy not viewing your Insta story before the 24 hours is up, this Siânnise meme works for just about anything.

Here are all the best Siânnise memes:

1.The internet was blessed

2. When reality hits


4.  Oh shit.

5. The resemblance is remarkable tbf

6. Staring to regret that pie

7. She’s about to end up in the sister zone

8. Sore knees

9. The audacity

10. Alexa, how do I become Miss Newcastle?

11. No greater disappointment than this

12. Goodbye to that Boohoo20 code

13. I feel seen

14. I’m totally chill

15. What is the point?

16. KARMA is a bitch

17. Actually dies a bit inside

18. Well, I’m screwed

19. LOL

20. Got a point there

21. No fear like it

22. Shonice

23. Swear I recognise these two

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