Rebecca Love Island, Winter Love Island, bombshell

Meet Rebecca: The 21-year-old model and Winter Love Island bombshell

She’s a former Miss Newcastle

After Eve was booted out of the villa and the nation’s greatest double act since Bodger and Badger broken up, Winter Love Island was due some new faces. Well, tonight’s bombshell announcement could make Rebecca Love Island 2020’s most in-demand Islander.

She’s sure to shake things up in the villa, but who is she?

Here’s what we know about Rebecca Gormley, the model and Winter Love Island bombshell.

Rebecca Love Island, Winter Love Island, bombshell

Rebecca Love Island

Rebecca Gormley is a 21-year-old model and carer from Newcastle, found on Instagram at @rebeccagormleyx

Rebecca Love Island, Winter Love Island, bombshell

via Instagram: @rebeccagormleyx

She’s already got 7,200 followers, and posts from a host of holidays and modelling jobs.

The former Miss Newcastle came sixth in Miss England last year, which might make Rebecca Love Island 2020’s most decorated contestant

Rebecca Love Island, Winter Love Island, bombshell

via Instagram: @rebeccagormleyx

Rebecca rates herself as an 8.5 or nine, and says “my eyes… or my boobs are my best feature.”

Rebecca sounds like she’s prepared to be quite ruthless in the villa

View this post on Instagram

Tryna look cute with my big burger

A post shared by Miss Newcastle 2018/19?? (@rebeccagormleyx) on Dec 17, 2019 at 10:24am PST

Asked what lengths she’d go to in order to get her man, Rebecca replied: “As far as I need to go.”

Elaborating on how she’d go about that, Rebecca said: “I need to chat to them. I haven’t seen enough of them to know how I’m going to approach it. I like funny guys, so I’m thinking making the guy laugh is a tick in the box. But no smooth moves, I’ll just be myself.”

She’s got her eye on three different boys in the villa

Connagh, Callum, and Mike have all taken her fancy. Describing her ideal man, Rebecca says: “I like a ‘Jack the lad’. He’s got to be the centre of attention easy to get along with, and someone who gets involved with the chat.”

However, her celebrity crush puts all three in the shade – Christian Grey. “He’s a man who knows what he wants,” a revelation which will surely make Rebecca Love Island 2020’s most disappointed Islander when she sees the standard of guys in the villa.

There’s one party trick which might gift Rebecca Love Island 2020’s prize money

“I can whistle with my bottom lip – look out for it,” she says.

Aside from anything else on Rebecca’s Instagram, take a moment to appreciate how good this roast looks

I mean seriously, that Yorkshire looks unreal.

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