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Here is everything you need to recap on before Sex Education season two

We know you’ve forgotten all the good bits

The new season of Sex Education arrives on Netflix on Friday and I cannot bloody wait.

The trailer dropped earlier this week and it promises two love interests for Eric, awkward moments for Otis (his mum teaches a sex ed seminar to all of Moordale and he walks in on her having sex with her boyfriend) and Otis and Maeve’s sex clinic is reopening.

The trailer also shows Adam returning from the Army as well as the arrival of three new characters.

If you haven’t been obsessively re-watching season one in preparation for Friday and you’re very confused as to why Adam was sent away or what the sex clinic even is, then here’s a quick recap of all the key moments from season one that you will need to know about ahead of season two.

Otis and Maeve open a sex clinic

Otis and Maeve begin a sex clinic for the students of Moordale in order to help them with their relationship and sex dilemmas. Otis’ mum Jean is a sex therapist and so Otis has a pretty good backlog of knowledge. Maeve starts the clinic for the money and Otis does it as a way to get close to her.

In episode seven one of the students tries to jump off a building because of unrequited love and Otis has to talk him down. Otis told Maeve he wanted to end the clinic because he felt responsible for the incident.

Otis and Maeve both get feelings for each other but at different times, typical

Otis begins the series very much into Maeve but she is sleeping with Jackson, the school’s resident popular boy. Maeve and Jackson get together and Otis is obviously gutted. Ola takes a fancy to Otis and they go to the school dance together. This is when Maeve starts to notice her feelings for Otis. Otis ends season one kissing Ola and Maeve sees. HEARTBROKEN.

sex education season one recap

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Otis has a problem with masturbating until the FINAL episode

The ongoing thread throughout the entire series is Otis’ problem with intimacy and his inability to masturbate. He does have wet dreams about Maeve though. Lily continually propositions him to have sex and eventually he agrees but ends up having a panic attack while they try and get it on. By the last episode of the season Ola and Otis kiss and he ends up liking it so much he’s able to masturbate. What a happy ending.

Maeve and Jackson get together and then breakup

Maeve and Jackson were sleeping together  at the beginning of the season. Jackson was trying to make it a relationship but Maeve wanted to keep it as friends with benefits situation.

Maeve ends up pregnant and gets an abortion and doesn’t tell Jackson. Jackson pays Otis to try help him make Maeve his girlfriend. Otis’ suggestion for Jackson to perform to Maeve in front of the whole school as a way to sabotage Jackson backfires and Jackson and Maeve become official.

Maeve ends up meeting Jackson’s two mums, which doesn’t go well as Maeve was embarrassed about her own family situation. Still with Jackson, Maeve realised she has feelings for Otis.

Jackson drunkly confesses to Maeve he paid Otis to help him get with her and Maeve breaks up with him as well as being extremely pissed off with Otis. By the end of the season Maeve is single but in love with Otis. Cry.

sex education season one recap

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Eric is bullied by Adam but ends up getting with him

Throughout the whole season Adam is full on nasty to the wonderful too pure for this world Eric. Stealing his lunch money, his food and is an all round dickhead to him.

However in the last episode of the series, the two are in detention together and initially have a physical fight that turns into Adam kissing Eric.

Eric and Otis get into a massive fight

Eric and Otis plan to go to Hedwig and the Angry Inch in costume. Eric went to the event expecting Otis to meet him there but Otis stands him up to do work for the sex clinic. Eric gets attacked on the way home and he goes to Otis’ house where they shout at each other and Eric storms out of the house.

They eventually apologised to each other and reconciled at the school dance. And thank god, because I honestly couldn’t handle these two not being friends.

season one sex education recap

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Adam gets sent to military school by his dad for continually fucking up

Throughout the eight episodes Adam and his father have an increasingly tense relationship. They argue constantly throughout the series and Adam gets in trouble for various things including losing the family dog. This all culminates in Adam getting sent to military school at the end of season one.

Maeve is expelled

Maeve’s older brother sells drugs at the school dance and the headmaster Mr. Groff finds them. He thinks Maeve and Otis are the ones selling them but Maeve takes responsibility and gets expelled. Jackson tries to strike a deal with Mr. Groff about keeping Maeve in school if he wins the swimming competition, which he does, but the headmaster doesn’t accept his bribe.

sex education season one recap

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Jean, Otis’ mum, starts shagging Ola’s dad

Otis’ mum Jean, aka sex therapist, aka the coolest women ever has a number of one night stands at the beginning of the series as she doesn’t like commitment.

However she meets handyman Jakob and she creates a number of problems within the house to get Jakob to come back. They then have sex and Jakob suggests they get into relationship.

Jean rejected him because of Otis’ feelings towards Ola, Jakob’s daughter. Even though she tells him this the two end up sleeping together again in the last episode of the series.

Otis is continually embarrassed by his mum

Having a sex therapist for a mum is not the easiest thing to deal with during sixth form and Otis does not handle it well. Near the end of the series he discovers his mum has written a book about his problems and they have a massive fight about the way she intrudes his life. They do make up in the last episode of the series.

Sex Education season two is released on Netflix on January 17th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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