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This crazy Gavin and Stacey fan theory about Bryn being Stacey’s dad has me shook

It’s just the drama Mick


As critics hail the new Gavin and Stacey Christmas special as the “best episode yet”, there’s a crazy fan theory which has me looking at the whole show differently: Bryn is actually Stacey and Jason’s dad.

It’s wild, but not actually that mad when you look at the evidence.

The theory has been doing the rounds in a die-hard Gavin and Stacey posting group on Facebook.

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The post says: “Trevor was never really Stacey/Jason’s father. Bryn is actually the real father and was a sperm donor. Explains why he lives so close to his family and sees them every day.

"Bryn broke the news to Jason on the fishing trip and that’s why they were so weird with each other afterwards and vowed never to tell Stacey."

Ok. This changes everything. There’s lot of reason to believe it.

When you think about why Bryn might say “best day of my life” at Gavin and Stacey’s wedding, it just fits. Perhaps the letter from Trevor was actually written by Bryn?

The whole fishing trip controversy alludes to Bryn and Jason naked under a blanket, but that could just be a cover story so the truth doesn’t get out.

We know what they did is “legal in Wales”, and so is sperm donation.

But, equally there’s plenty to suggest the theory is completely unbelievable. Firstly, it’s not weird for an uncle to live close to his family.

Plus, at the wedding fair, Gwen tells Pam about Trevor being unable to handle the fact she was pregnant with Jason. That’s a weird reaction if your brother was the sperm donor, which you’d presumably know about.

Whether it’s true or not isn’t really the point – James Corden himself has admitted he doesn’t know what really happened on the fishing trip. And he wrote the show.

Art takes on a life of its own after the creator has released it into the world, but Gavin and Stacey isn’t over. Maybe we’ll find out during the Christmas special.

Until then, just smash through the box set the next time you’re hungover and look for clues.

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