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People are calling the new Gavin and Stacey special the ‘best episode yet’

Oh my Christ

Reviews are in for the new Gavin and Stacey Christmas special and it's being hailed as the "best episode yet".

Journalists (not including The Tab) were shown a preview screening of the new episode, and they're going wild.

Rylan, the man himself, hosted the screening and said the episode is "AMAZING".

Thankfully, there's not much detail about what will actually be in the episode, which filmed over the summer. All we know, really, is that it's going to be good.

Just seeing the pictures of the cast together is enough.

The episode will feature tributes to Margaret John, who played Doris and died in 2011.

In a June interview, James Corden revealed Smithy and Stacey would have voted leave, whilst Gavin and Nessa would have chosen remain. However, that's the kind of JK Rowling revisionism we can do without, as Corden added: "We just want the new show to be a nostalgic joy-bomb."

It's going to be airing on Christmas Day and I can't wait.