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These shaking mannequin head memes are the funniest thing you’ll see today

There is absolutely no need to thank me

PSA: There's a new meme circulating the internet and it might just be the funniest and most relatable one yet. Introducing: The shaking mannequin head meme. It's the reaction meme that can applied in so many every day situations it hurts. This meme accurately represents us all on a daily basis.

Have you ever been filled with so much anger you actually begin to shake? Or had a hangover so bad you feel like you might be physically vibrating? If yes, this meme is you.

And not to mention, the shaking mannequin head meme is absolutely hilarious. It looks like a super stressed out woman in a clothes store, shaking as she's told the employee she is talking to is in fact the manager. Or you with your head against the vibrating bus window as it travels at full speed. Plus, the chaotic electronic music playing in the background completes the scene of this meme. It really has to be seen to be understood.

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The meme shows a mannequin with a red wig on its head, shaking. That's literally it. So simple, yet so effective.

The first example of the meme looks like it came from Twitter user @Colin_Field_ who posted the meme captioned: "Middle age white women when an employee working for minimum wage tells them their coupon’s expired."

Here are the best examples of the shaking mannequin head meme


2. Those vibrations though

3. I can FEEL how livid she is

4. Help me x

5. Serious question: Why do they all shake so erratically?

6. Excuse me WHAT *shaking intensifies*

7. I'm FINE

8. A coat?? What's that??

9. I was lied to

Bonus round: The song playing in the background is SOPHIE – Not Okay (ALONE Remix). You can listen to it here, without the shaking mannequin head, if you'd like.

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