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Greggs is suing a pub in Newcastle over a burger made out of their sausage rolls

The burger is weirdly named after Cheryl Cole

Greggs is suing the Brandling Villa pub in Newcastle over its menu favourite, the 'Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole' burger, which has a Greggs sausage roll in it.

The burger contains two beef patties, baked beans, a Greggs sausage roll and cheddar cheese. It comes with chips and costs £12.50.

But Greggs are not happy. The bakery chain has contacted the Brandling Villa pub, saying it is breaching the Greggs trademark and that the name is "causing offence to some".

Brandling Villa have previously named burgers after other famous celebrities, including Ant and Dec. In regards to the name issue, they said: "We think it's a shame. I mean, Cheryl's not bothered".

As for the Greggs lawsuit issue? Brandling Villa said: “They want us to remove the name from the menus so it doesn’t say Greggs, but it’s the institutional Newcastle reference that makes the joke".

This is the level of petty we all aspire to be. More developments will come as we have them.

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