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We found old pics of Love Island’s Joanna and her transformation is MAD

She looks like a different person

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In the past week on Love Island we've seen Joanna Chimonides get called a "dead ting" in front of the entire nation, turn Michael and Ovie's heads and pull both Michael and Amber for a very uncomfortable chat.

We've found out all we know about the 22-year-old Leicester grad, but what about her looks? One thing's for sure: she hasn't always been the dip dyed blonde bombshell we see on our screens today.

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This is how Joanna looks now. She's got mid-length blonde hair, full lips and a straight, upturned nose. She has a very angular face and high, lifted brows. But five years ago she looked very different:

Here she is in 2014, with a completely different look:

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Via Instagram

In this pic of Joanna posing with a friend in a club, she can be seen with much darker hair, smokey eye makeup and a longer, less upturned nose. Also, is it just me or does she looks so much like Kim K here?!

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Joanna is far left. Via Instagram

Here she is pictured with a group of girlfriends, posing before a night out. Her eyes look deeper set than they are now, perhaps because of the dark makeup, and her nose looks more downward pointing.

No representative of Joanna has ever confirmed or denied whether she has had surgery, so it's uncertain is this is the work of a surgeon, a pure glow up or just 2014 camera quality.

In the pictures below, taken in 2017, she would have been 20:

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Joanna is second on the right. Via Instagram

Here Joanna is pictured with four friends at a birthday party. Both her facial features and makeup seem darker than they are today.

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Joanna is third from the right. Via Instagram

In this picture, Joanna can be seen with a group of mates at a dinner. She has long, nearly black hair, darker eyes and more pronounced facial features.

But she hasn't always had dead straight hair either. Pics from 2015 show her with big, blown out waves:

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Via Instagram

And in this picture of her with footballer ex Ben Chilwell, though it's unknown when this was taken.

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Via Instagram

And here's her Love Island promotional photoshoot:

I don't know about you but I would love to know what other worldly forces are going on here.

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