Love Island Gossip Column: Amber UNFOLLOWED Michael on Instagram?!! And did her head turn in Casa Amor?

It’s so petty I love it

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Amber unfollowed Michael on Instagram!!

We know the people running Amber and Michael’s socials ceased giving a single fuck a long time ago, and have been tweeting some absolute flames over the last few days. But did you know whoever’s running Amber’s account unfollowed Michael on Instagram? Amazing.

Apparently Amber's head turned in Casa Amor

Dumped Islander Dennon Lewis told The Mirror he spent 90 per cent of his time with Amber while the two were in Casa Amor, suggesting producers didn't show any of the footage.

He said: "Me and Amber got very close. As a friendship. Obviously there was the situation with her and Michael, who we thought were very strong.

"If things were different maybe we would have coupled up or something. We had a strong relationship and we kind of grew a friendship from it."

He added: "I don't want to see Michael again because me and Amber got very close and I didn’t think he’d do that to her. I do love Amber."

Maura has a bum tattoo

If you have an eye for detail and/or looking at people’s bums, you might have noticed Maura has a tattoo on hers. Yup – it’s a lipstick smear-type thing. Here’s a picture of it:

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Joe’s reaction to Lucie chirpsing Tommy was brilliantly tragic

A video posted to Instagram showed the dumped Islander looking dejected at a screening of last night’s episode, during which Lucie confessed to Tommy she was still very much into him.

The cameraman is laughing throughout and can the caption reads: “Am I bothered.”

Belle’s dad is famous and has been in Game of Thrones

Tamar Hassan, Belle’s dad, played Khal Forzo – a Dothraki warrior. In the show, he refused to go along with Daenerys becoming their new leader. Dany murdered them all in retaliation.

Craig David is going into the villa

Yup. Your friend and ours Craig David will be all over your boink on Sunday, as he DJs for the Islanders. Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Craig said: "Yeah I love the show. There are friendships here and love going on, even among all the chaos that can happen from show to show."

He added: "You can come out of it and there are relationships and love, then that’s amazing. I think it really starts when you leave the villa with your partner when you go out into the world."

Does Lewis Capaldi fancy Maura?

Full time banter merchant and occasional pop star Lewis Capaldi seems to be keeping up with the show. Last night he retweeted a video of Maura and captioned it: “I will teach you how to dance.”

She might need Lewis’s help given Marvin appears to be using her.

Tommy used Rihanna lyrics to impress Molly-Mae

This is not the first time Tommy has been caught plagiarising the lyrics of others. A few weeks ago he pinched inspirational quotes from Avicii. This week he told Molly-Mae: "I want to make you smile and laugh and make you feel like you’re the only girl in the world."

Sound familiar?

Jourdan has been in six music videos

If you’re one of the three people still into Krept and Conan, you might recognise Jourdan from one of their music videos. According to The Sun, she “writhes around on a bed in an ivory, satin robe before rowing with her partner in the emotional video.”

Fans are convinced Ovie and Amber will end up together

The aftermath of the recoupling this week was a lot to take in, but one key detail fans have noticed is the cuddle between Amber and Ovie. Was it an innocent bit of comforting? Or was it something more? Many are speculating the two will end up together:

People are searching for what ‘dead ting’ means

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A quick check of Google Trends yesterday morning revealed the public were curious to know exactly what the insult dropped by Amber this week actually meant. According to Urban Dictionary, a dead ting is a person who is "a boring cunt and is extremely dull".

Megan from last year is writing a column and it’s jokes

No surprise to hear the best Islander of all time has wrangled a deal with The Sun writing a weekly column.

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This week, Megan has said the women of this year’s cast are “an embarrassment,” calling them “bitchy schoolgirls,” and labelling Amy “the Regina George” of the villa. Amber, she says, is a “spoilt brat”. Meow.

The Independent review is still chugging along and it’ll still make you cringe your eyeballs out

In case you haven’t been keeping up with The Independent's regular series of bumout takes on Love Island, don’t worry- you’re not missing much. The first three paragraphs of this week’s article are literally about a bamboo tree.

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