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M&S Percy Pigs are now fully VEGETARIAN

Piers Morgan predictably spat one out on live TV

M&S's iconic Percy Pig sweets are now vegetarian!

After years of testing, Marks and Spencer have removed gelatine from the pink piggy gummy.

However, they're not suitable for vegans as they still contain beeswax.

Through experimenting, M&S say they've been able to keep the taste and texture as close to the original as possible.

If you needed any more proof of how good they are, just look at who's freaking out over them.

Katie Hopkins is so outraged she's making weird jokes about violent sexual assault and deadnaming.

Piers Morgan spat one out on live TV and told vegetarians to get their own sweets. M&S still have a full range of non-vegetarian Percy Pigs.

The Sun and the Daily Mail have gone in on the piggies, with The Sun calling it a "Percy Killing".

The apocalypse beckons, but at least it's plant-based.