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Greggs has just released Christmas merch, obviously

A steak bake phone case?? Get in my basket

We all have that one friend who is literally obsessed with Greggs. And this year, instead of buying them a £10 voucher for Christmas, you can gift them Greggs Christmas themed merch thanks to hyper-consumerism! Classic.

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The collection includes a £3 reusable cup, a £10 steak bake phone cover, £18 christmas jumper, £6.50 pin badges, £4 Christmas gift card, £4 socks, £50 high roller gift card and £10 umbrella!! You read that right, an umbrella!

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You can buy the gifts in-store and on selected dates, they will be wrapped in Greggs Festive Bake wrapping paper and given to you with a complimentary glass of mulled wine.

The gift wrapping service will be available from 4pm between the 11th of and 13th of December.

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Hannah Squirrell, Customer Director at Greggs said: "Fitting everything in at Christmas can be a struggle, and we wanted to help our customers lighten the load.

"Our free gift-wrapping service means weary shoppers can take a break while our elves wrap their presents, and they can even pick up some gifts for the Greggs fan in their life (or themselves) with our limited edition range."

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I don't know about you, but I've never needed a Greggs umbrella with "Raindrops keep falling on my Greggs" more in my life.

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