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‘Racist pints’: The Hull Men’s Hockey drinking game where players down pints for being racist

Apparently it’s a way to ‘punish’ racism

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Players at the University of Hull's Men's Hockey Club are asked to drink pints when they're being caught being racist, The Tab can reveal.

As part of the game, players who we are told have "racist tendencies" will be asked to drink a "racist pint" on a night out or during a social.

One member of the club told us racist comments are made often, so they had to create a form of "punishment."

This player claims this is the way the club is trying to combat racism within the team.

In a screenshot sent to The Tab, the men's hockey group chat shows members discussing the racist pints.

The group chat, named HUMHC 17/18 shows a hockey player who is nicknamed as "The Ape" say mid-conversation: "Black people always get there way fuckinng cunts."

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Another member "PingPangPongMingMangMongClaudeIsRacist" replies: "That's by far more than one racist pint surely."

Our source told us that "The Ape" in the group chat was punished for his racist comment with a racist pint.

He said: "This member gets punished a lot for his comments as he has racist tendencies when he drinks which we do not accept. We as a club took it upon ourselves to punish him as it occurred within our walls."

He added: "We do not condone racism which is why we try to punish those that are involved."

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The Tab was also sent a Snapchat photo of a member of the Men's Hockey Club "trying" to do a history essay.

The essay is titled "How ‘popular’ was the movement to abolish the British slave trade?"

And it spells out underneath: "Not very, slaves are great. Imagine being able to tell someone to cup their hands underneath your arse while you shit and tell them then to eat it…. And they have to. And the best bit is you don’t even have to pay them because they’re black."

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The University of Hull has given a statement to The Tab, regarding the incident: “The University of Hull is committed to actively promoting equality of opportunity for all, and seeks to ensure every individual has the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. Abusive or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated at the University of Hull.

“The University will not discuss individual cases relating to allegations of student misconduct. Any allegations of misconduct received by the University will be investigated thoroughly and, where appropriate, acted upon swiftly.”

A spokesperson for Hull's Men's Hockey Club club, said: “The hockey club takes any reports of inappropriate behaviour – including racism – extremely seriously and does not condone behaviour of this nature.”

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