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NUS President Shakira Martin gives speech suspiciously similar to The West Wing

She insists this is pure coincidence

NUS President Shakira Martin gave a speech on Wednesday that sounds incredibly similar to one used in the American political drama, The West Wing.

The speech, which would certainly not have made it through Turnitin, used many of the same terms and copied the structure of the one from the TV show, as pointed out by Varsity.

We ran the speech through Quetext, a plagiarism tool, which gave a 36 per cent chance of plagiarism, citing three lines within the speech as being 61, 90 and 100 per cent similar to the script from The West Wing.

Martin's speech is similar to the speech from the third episode of The West Wing's fourth series, "College Kids", given by President Bartlet.

You can see the astonishing similarities in Varsity's tweet here:

Examples include the repetition of the line, "there is evil in the world, there always has been, and we can't do nothing about that."

Martin finishes the speech in the same was as Bartlet's, stating "we can do better. We must do better, and we will do better."

You can see the full video of her speech below:

This NUS speech sounded a lot like one from The West Wing

Well this is a little bit awkward ?

Posted by Varsity on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Martin, however claims that she has never seen The West Wing, and that she is "more of a housewives of Atlanta girl". She also claims that she uses all of her own words, being "a leader not a follower".

Many are still suspicious, however: