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Greggs is doing a four-course £15 Valentine’s meal for two and you can book a table

Because nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a sausage roll

Greggs is giving people the once in a lifetime opportunity to eat a four-course meal in their stores, on Valentine's Day.

The whole experience will cost £15 for two and guests will be seated at 7pm.

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The starter is a composition of canapés, which include puff pastry sliders and steak & blue cheese en croute.

For the main you can have a signature Greggs pastry, which will be served with spiced potato slices and a salad of spinach and tomatoes.

The dessert is comprised of miniature doughnuts and rich butterscotch flavoured dipping sauce.

To finish you get small biscuits and coffee. And Italian Prosecco, soft drinks, still or sparkling mineral water will be provided throughout the night.

Out of the 1,800 stores in the country, this service will only be available in five of its stores: Clapham Road in London, City Tower in Manchester, Argyle Street in Glasgow, Grainger Street in Newcastle and Cardiff's Queen Street.