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The Bumble fat-shamer now claims his phone was hacked by ‘highly intoxicated’ friends

Because that makes it better apparently

Yesterday we reported on a story about Sam, a 23-year-old from London, who received a message on Bumble, in which a man named Michael, told her he'd only consider meeting with her if she "put a tiny bit of effort in the gym." He also attached this message with a picture of a skinny girl in underwear.

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The Tab can now exclusively reveal that this man is Michael Blanchard, who studied at the British School of Osteopathy. And he has replied to us, claiming it was his friends who sent those messages to Sam, and not him.

He said: "Firstly it's important I say I have messaged Samantha and explained and apologised for the messages which I do not condone and find appalling.

"Me and my friends were highly intoxicated and decided to take each other's phones and write messages to matches on each other's bumble. They were mostly funny and harmless but in this case it was extremely rude, belittling and insulting. I had no control over those messages that were sent through my account and had I seen what was written, would absolutely have stopped them from being sent.

"That being said, it was an irresponsible position to put myself into and what we were doing was completely stupid and has resulted in a really sweet girl being disrespected by dumb actions.

"I've tried to imagine how she must've felt reading that and it's sickening that someone should have to read something like that in the first place! Unfortunately, it's happened and cannot be taken back. I have apologised to Sam personally and I will not be taking part in anything remotely as stupid as this again."

But regardless of who sent the message, it seems sad that we live in a world where anyone views this kind of behaviour as intoxicated banter.