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93 per cent of female students say they’ve been groped on a night out

It’s more than last year

93 per cent of female students say they've been groped on a night out, according to the results of our Sexual Assault Survey 2017.

It's a figure up from 91 per cent in last year's survey, an increase of 2 per cent.

Perhaps more shocking than that statistic is how often it happens. 38 per cent of female students who replied say they get groped on half or more nights out. Seven per cent said it happens almost every night out.

For many girls, groping has become a perversely normal part of a night out, with it happening on an almost casual basis. One respondent told us: "One guy in a queue held me tight so I couldn't move and groped my ass."

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The worst university appears to be Bristol. 97 per cent of female students there say they've been groped on a night out. Glasgow is second with 95 per cent, whilst Cardiff and Liverpool are joint third, also with 95 per cent.

Responses to our survey illustrate just how common an occurrence this is. One girl said: "Just last week I out on a social night out for a sports team. One of the guys on the men’s team found me and separated me from the rest of my friends I was with and pretended he needed to look after me because I was so drunk.

"I stumbled in my heels and he had his arm around me, but he moved it into my shirt and groped my boob, and even exposed it to the entire nightclub. He did this 3 times."

Often, it's brushed off as banter. The scale of the problem shows it to be anything but.