Edinburgh slip down the Good University Guide rankings whilst St. Andrews make the top 3

But at least we’ve still got Cowgate

The University of Edinburgh have slipped down the rankings in the new Good University Guide from 22nd down to 37th, while St. Andrews continue to embarrass us, climbing from 4th place into 3rd, happy to find themselves in the top 3, just behind Oxbridge.

Tell me these aren't satisfied students

Tell me these aren't satisfied students

It doesn't help Edinburgh's case to see that St. Andrews beat them on all the breakdown stats as well, with an exceptional 91% for student satisfaction hurting Edinburgh's 79%. However, Edinburgh did manage to come out on top when it came to the quality of their research, getting one over on St. Andrews by a whopping 3.8%.

Edinburgh still hold their top spot for Veterinary Medicine with it not looking as though anyone is coming close to taking their number 1 spot there just yet. St. Andrews still have 19 of their subjects in the Top 5 rankings however, compared to Edinburgh's two (Veterinary Medicine and Nursing).

Even though Edinburgh can struggle to keep up with St. Andrews in some areas, it is needless to say that they have still got a strong set of rankings, with 84.5% of students graduating with either a first or a 2:1, not actually that far behind St. Andrews (90.7%), and also both having strong graduate prospects and highly rated student experiences.

Don't worry Edinburgh, in my rankings you're still number 1.