Revealed: The courses who claim to be more stressed than you are right now

Hint, it isn’t Business

It’s exam season. You’ve been as smug as possible handing in your dissertation and term two essays, but that all came crashing down when you realised you had revision to do.

Nothing could make this a more stressful time of year could it… That is, unless, you live with an Architect. You know the one, who “never sleeps” and always pulls all nighters, is always in the studio, and spends more time working than you.

Well guess what? They’re at it again. In our stress and mental health essay 9,000 students told us how many times they felt stressed in an average week. We crunched the numbers and found over half of architecture students are stressed at least every day.

We looked at students who told us they were stressed seven times a week or more, and the results showed an even spread across different types of degree. While 54 per cent of Architects said they were stressed every day or more, Philosophy and Art came in second and third with little over 51 per cent.

Business must have it easy or they simply handle the pressure well – just 28 per cent said they were stressed. How did your course fare?