Revealed: The courses which have to pull the most all nighters to get work done

Whether they have to or not is up to you

Will they ever stop? I mean, all they’re doing is using a protractor and compass to figure out where a door should be and if your Mum can build an extension right?

Well, whatever Architects are up to, it certainly isn’t sleeping. According to The Tab’s Sleep Survey – taken by 6,000 people – more Architecture students claim to have pulled all nighters than anyone else. A highly sleep deprived 88 per cent of them, in fact.

Five year courses are tough then it seems. And drawing certainly takes its toll. Well, it’s the only explanation we have for Art being in second – 82 per cent of Art students say they’ve had to pull an all nighter to finish some work. The highly disorganised Computer Scientists are up i third with 72 per cent.

At the sensible bottom end of the spectrum are those who will save our lives, as well as those of our pets. Only 25 per cent of Vets have avoided sleep, 38 per cent of Dentists and 41 per cent of Medics.

The below table shows the percentage of respondents who said they’d pulled an all nighter to get work done.