After her Fenty Puma collection it’s finally time to admit we should just give up and let Rihanna run everything

She could do it

Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? Sing, dance, act, model, now show potentially the best thing to come out of Fashion Week in her Fenty x Puma AW 17? The answer is no: there is nothing Rihanna can’t do. Rihanna can do everything and she does it well.

After a fashion season comprising of crocs, slogan tees and Bella Hadid falling on the H&M runway in front of her ex-boyfriend, Rihanna’s Fenty Puma collection was a shining beacon of grunge nostalgic Daria-esque Class of 97 realness.

Her models walked dressed as Catholic schoolgirls, jocks, punks and teenage goths, carrying skateboards and wearing plaid and freeing the nipple. Guests were given a detention card when they entered and Rihanna posed with models for a ‘yearbook photo’ at the end. She called it ‘Fenty University’ and I immediately need to know how to apply.

Speaking to WWD after the show Rihanna said: “In Barbados, we don’t get to dress up in school. It’s strictly school uniforms. Every time I would come to America, I would see kids getting into dressing up. This was my way of expressing myself in that avenue, having fun, creating looks that blended with the different cliques and marrying that world with sport.”

If the frenzied reactions to the show are anything to go by, Rihanna’s latest collection proves one thing: everything she touches turns to gold. At this point I say without exaggeration that we should just give up. Let the leaders step down from their positions, let Rihanna take charge. Rihanna could rule the world and it wouldn’t even stress her out.

I say let her.