People who wear glasses are actually more intellectual, according to science

My glasses! My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!

Big shout out to everyone who called me a fuckin nerd at school because you know what, Becky, people who wear glasses are more clever. Science says so.

But only some kinds of glasses wearers, which is annoying. New research from the University Medical Centre in Germany has found that people with myopia – AKA nearsighted people – spend more time in school and are more likely to go to college and university than those who don’t wear specs.

Nw yr nw me nw specs (same v gloomy selfie expression)

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The study, which was originally published in Germany’s Journal Ophthalmology, surveyed 4,600 people aged between 35-74. It found that 53 per cent of college graduates had myopia, versus only 24 per cent of people who dropped out of school.

This comes after previous studies which showed that people who wear glasses appear more intelligent to others and are thus more likely to get a job. A survey from the British College of Optometrists found that 1/3 of people thought glasses made someone look more professional, and almost half thought they made people look more intelligent.

So you can finally embrace being four-eyed, if that’s your vibe. It’s the revenge of the nerds.

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