Planet Earth is back, so not everything in 2016 is awful

Sir David Attenborough is here to tell us everything is alright

While the world crashes and burns around us, finally we have some good news – Planet Earth is coming back.

The show, which hasn’t been on our screens since 2006, is a British institution thanks to its breathtaking visuals and pitch-perfect narration from national treasure Sir David Attenborough.

Now, 10 years since the first series aired, it’s back – and it looks incredible.

Featuring swimming sloths, battling falcons and a lizard with wings soaring through the sky, the new season looks as trippy as ever – benefitting from improved technology for the GoPro generation.

Once again soundtracked by Sigur Ros’ iconic Hoppipolla, don’t pretend this teaser doesn’t bring a tear to your eye.

See? It’s not all bad.