Revealed: The universities offering the best student experience

Basically it’s who’s having more fun

The Times’ Good University Guide was released this weekend and has ranked universities according to how much fun they’re having. Student experience measures the percentage of positive responses that students gave according to the 2016 National Student Survey.

It includes all aspects of university life, including the academic and social, as well as welfare and support, and basically tells incoming first years how much fun they’ll have when they get here.

At the top of the table came St. Andrews with 91 per cent, Dundee in second place with 87.1 per cent and in third was Belfast on 87.3 per cent.

LSE came bottom with 73.1 per cent, followed by Norwich with 79.1 per cent and Edinburgh 82.4 per cent

Here are how the universities were ranked according to how well they scored according to student experience:

Aberdeen – 50th

Aberystwyth – 19th

Aston – 21st

Bath – 39th

Belfast – 8th

Birmingham – 50th

Bristol – 59th

Brookes – 59th

Cambridge – 35th

Cardiff – 42nd

Dundee – 7th

Durham – 24th

Edinburgh -118th

Exeter – 10th

Falmouth – 67th

Glasgow – 34th

Hull – 56th

John Moores – 56th

Kent – 31st

King’s – 114th

LSE – 128th

Lancaster – 12th

Leeds – 12th

Leicester – 32nd

Lincoln – 9th

Liverpool – 50th

Loughborough – 10th

Manchester – 71st

Newcastle – 12th

Northumbria – 65th

Norwich – 122nd

Nottingham – 28th

Oxford – 23rd

Plymouth – 77th

Portsmouth – 36th

Queen Mary – 112th

Reading – 42nd

Royal Holloway – 62nd

Sheffield – 71st

Soton -46th

St. Andrews – 2nd

Stirling – 67th

Strathclyde – 46th

Sussex – 28th

Trent – 33rd

UCLan – 89th

UCL – 94th

UWE – 26th

Warwick – 50th

York – 15th


You can check out the rankings in full on the Good University Guide here.