UKIP’s youth wing has made ‘Make Britain Great Again’ hats

Young Independence’s Trump-like hats will set you back a tenner

UKIP is known for attracting the more eccentric members of the British Right, and this is certainly reflected in their dress sense. Nigel Farage often made headlines for his clothes before his policy (including this stunning pair of yellow cords). One woman even decided to get a Nigel Farage tattoo. But the latest display of flamboyant UKIP-wear has come from their ever-sensible youth wing: a Trump-like ‘Make Britain Great Again’ hat.

Ties between UKIP and Donald Trump have been strengthened in recent weeks. Farage appeared alongside Trump in Mississippi to deliver a speech about Brexit where he exclaimed that he’d never vote for Hillary Clinton, not even if someone paid him to. This new hat from the youth wing of the party will only help to highlight those links.

Speaking to Breitbart London, the Young Independence Chairman, Jamie Ross McKenzie, said: “There’s been too much self-doubt as a country since the Brexit vote. This is our time to shine. We wanted to create something that showed the wearer’s confidence in Britain, that they believed Britain could and would prosper as a free country once again. The idea came when I saw Nigel speak at the Trump rally. Sometimes the best and boldest ideas are the simplest”.

Jamie Ross Mckenzie, Facebook

So there you have it, if you want to display your immense belief in Britain then you should do so by wearing a hat inspired by an American right-wing populist.

The “Make Britain Great Again” hats will soon be available online.