These were the best-dressed people at this year’s Bestival

There were a lot of silver leggings

Bestival is the last festival of the summer, our swansong before the onslaught of autumn and long nights in the library. It didn’t sell out this year – apparently the line up range from Wiz Khalifa to the Chuckle Brothers wasn’t enough to satisfy the IOW youth. Still, we weren’t put off. This year’s costume theme was “Invaders of the Future”, so it was out with the baggy boho trousers you picked up on your gap year in Pakistan and in with the silver unitards and blue body paint usually reserved for initiating freshers. We chatted to some of the best dressed of this year’s Besti-lovers.

Rebecca, 18

“I just found a mask and made this cape. This is my first festival and I’m loving it, I only had to come from Portsmouth!”

Azure Peace, 30

She’s dressed as an Avatar and gave me her Go-Pro to swing around while she prepped for the photo. “Save the world,” was her only comment. I guess if global warming fucks us over we can always go and live in James Cameron’s imagination.

Cassie, 23

Glitter, bumbag, and a glitzy cape – this girl did the festival look justice.

Unamed Robot, Age Unknown

We couldn’t get a quote from him, because he is a robot, obviously.

The Penis and Sperm Guys

When I asked to take a photo of them, the Penis yelled “Lads, assemble!” and the sperm jumped into position. I have to admit, if it weren’t for the man quite clearly dressed as a gigantic dick, the sperm could probably have been mistaken for Smurfs who ran out of bodypaint.

Nick and Matt, 43 and 45

New York Fashion Week? No thanks, these guys have got it sorted. They were bang on the Bestival trend with their head-to-toe metallics and electric blue wigs – EVERYONE had a wig.

Rhiannon and Hannah, 24 and 25/69 and 69

“What does your future look like?”

“Old age. We’ve come as Grandmas!”

Anne and William

His and Hers dressing gowns have never looked so suave.

Justin, 19

Apparently ‘BJ’ stands for ‘Beijing’. Paired with his school PE shorts and a collection of wristbands broadcasting his hectic summer, this guy had your classic ‘minimal effort, maximum banter’ look down.

Caleb, 23, Niall, 26

The umbrella hat was a necessity during Saturday’s thunderstorm. I’m also intrigued as to how he coped with the mosh pits in that inflatable suit.

Helena, 42, Ingunn, 42

“We’ve left our husbands at home with the kids. This is the one weekend we get every year to go out and go crazy!”

Don, 21 and Sophie, 22

Is anyone else getting flashbacks to 2009 when we all wore those neon, old school Calvin Harris-esque glasses? Inspired by Tron, they made these suits themselves (dread to think about how long it took) and said they really helped with finding each other in the crowds.