Pryzm Kingston were breathalysing at their A-level results party

They were set to twice the drink drive limit

With plans to go out and celebrate their A-level results as a last bang before they head off to uni, or to commiserate their failures and contemplate the next year back at college or working at maccies, dozens of club-goers were sent home disappointed as they were breathalysed at the door of Pryzm.

This caused a great deal of upset, as no apparent judgement was made on the behaviour of those trying to enter the club, simply on the amount of alcohol they had consumed. They were disallowed entry if they had consumed over twice the drink diving limit.

It became clear that only boys were being tested and it seemed that the girls were being allowed straight into the club without questioning. One boy Sam, who got turned away, spoke to us about his experience: “I’ve just been refused from Pryzm for no reason at all. Well, I got amber on the fucking breathalyser. Obviously everyone that’s going in there is drunk, I mean do you ever go to a club sober? Everyone else that’s going in there is fucked off their face and I get breathalysed twice in a row for no reason.”

His female friend then came to talk to us about the blatant sexism displayed by the club in Kingston, Surrey. She said “My night was going well until we came here. Basically the security are breathalysing all of the boys and none of the girls. They’re letting all the girls in without any frickin’ rules at all and breathalysing all the boys and I don’t think it’s okay.” When asked if this would encourage her to join a feminist society at uni, she responded: “Yeah, I’d love to play an active role in something like that.”

The guy on the left is not a fresher, despite what he might look like

A majority of people who bought the £12 tickets to get into Pryzm were celebrating their A-level results, hence there was a lot of heaving drinking taking place. The club’s staff seemed very prepared for this, escorting people out of the club who were too drunk and giving them bowls in case they were sick. There was also a vast police presence in the area, however they told us near the end of the night that nothing had really happened and they were just there as a precaution.

There were enormous queues outside the Wetherspoons pub opposite Pryzm, a clear sign that no one was holding back on the drink before they entered the club. The fact that breathalysers were being used to decipher entry refusal rather than a judgement of behaviour upon entering the club angered the punters, as there was no indication of an alcohol limit regulation, only a standard door policy refusing entry to those who are behaving in an overly drunken manner.

A spokesperson from PRYZM Kingston said: “Our A Level results party was a sell out and general feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We took the decision to breathalyse following a request from the police, where breathalysing is commonly used across London.

“The police supply breathalyser tools set to twice the drink drive limit and we are obliged to have them available on the door. Customer wellbeing is one of our key priorities to ensure everyone visiting our club has a fun and safe night out and we do not discriminate between the sexes when it comes to breathalysing.”