Exclusive: Pupils at Emma Watson’s school weren’t allowed to approach her

They could get a detention if they did


Girls at Headington School Oxford, where Emma Watson attended, were strictly told not to approach her for autographs.

Pupils were told not to speak to her if they didn’t know her, especially for autographs.

A graduate from the school told The Tab that when they joined the school, girls were sat down by the Head of Lower School who warned them they would receive “penalty points” if they approached the star.

Parents were notified of “penalty points”, and when you received three you got a detention.

Headington School Oxfordshire

Headington graduate Lucy  told us: “Of course if you were friends with her you could speak to her, but no one was allowed to go up and ask for an autograph or anything.”

After graduating in 2008, the star returned frequently to the school. As soon as word spread through school that Emma Watson was back, gaggles of girls would sneak out of class to see her. One pupil, Lydia, said: “I even put up a poster saying welcome back Hermione.

“But nobody ever dared to ask her for an autograph.  I remember being told about it quite formally, and was really scared of getting a penalty point. At the time it would have been so embarrassing.”

Penalty points aside, many a Headingtonian had a chance meeting with Emma. Fionnuala Gregan said: “I once leant back on a cafeteria bench and my back touched hers.”

Zoe Wilks told The Tab: “She once asked me ‘is this the back of the pasta queue?'”