A guide to being pale at the beach

It is do-able

July is here and England’s glimmer of sunshine is emanating cries of hazy days, ice cream sundaes and sandy beach road trips. These golden afternoons of summer arrive hand in hand with the faint aroma of SPF 50 sunscreen and mercurial British weather… and my tropical sandy lagoon dreams are shattered.

I’ve accepted that I’m never going to be one of those bronzed beach babes. But with a bit of effort, it’s still possible to look effortlessly cool and beach ready.

Here’s my guide on how to nail looking pale at the beach.

Corals and pink lips will stop you looking washed out

Bright lips are my go-to for beach makeup and suit pale skin really well. Coral pink colours are reminiscent of that tropical island you totally wish you were on right now and add a flush of colour to your face.

Chose a bright coloured towel so you don’t blend into the sand

A white/beige one is pretty much camouflage.

Try monochrome colours

Being super pale I like to go for black and white outfits that really stand out against the sepia beach tones. The dark colour will also absorb the sun’s heat and keep you warmer. It’s a win-win.

Wear  really big sunglasses

As well as protecting your eyes, sunglasses give an instant cool vibe. Over dramatic sunglasses are heaps of fun. Big heart shapes or cat eyes can give a dreamy romantic aesthetic to your look.

Wear a cover-up

A light lace shawl or chiffon shirt is always a must for a bit of warmth in our unpredictable weather and to keep those solar rays off your shoulders.

Go for a bold swimsuit

A fail proof way to look cool at the beach is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If you like it, buy it. Good colours to make you stand out are red, black, lime-green or yellow.Protect your skin with sunscreen and moisturise

Use an SPF moisturiser

Use a moisturiser with an SPF under your makeup to keep your face from burning. Any sunscreen will do. I use 30 SPF+ and always reapply every few hours. A mist body moisturiser with a bit of shimmer can also add a summer sheen to your skin as well as keeping your skin protected so you can enjoy being stretched out on the sand and not curled up in the shade.

Wear a big hat

Try a wide brimmed fedora or a large straw hat to keep the sun off your face. It’ll stop you burning and keep you looking cool.

Any jewellery should be fun and eye-catching

Don’t wear anything too precious in case it gets lost in the sand though. Gold or warm toned jewellery look great when you’re pale as the colour is attention grabbing and give a summer sparkle to your outfit.

Eye makeup should be simple and light

You don’t want it running down your face if you get wet and you’ll probably be wearing sunglasses anyway. If you go for an eyeshadow go for a sandy colour. Something similar in shade to your skintone will look more natural and relaxed.

Laruicci necklace and tom ford sunglasses

Go for textured hair

Sea salt texture spray is a must-have for those beachy waves without having to swim in the sea. I’ll paddle but there’s no way I trust my sun screen to protect me after it gets wet (no matter how waterproof it claims to be). If there’s a waterproof sunscreen that actually works then send it my way.

Use a highlighter

Highlight highlight highlight. You want your skin to glow. My favourites are Jeffree Star’s Ice Cold and Make Up Revolution’s Golden Lights.

Wear fun hair accessories

Clip in shells or even glitter can bring your whole look to life, feeding some mermaid-vibes to your British beach trip.

So go enjoy the sunshine, drink fruit cocktails and don’t let your ghostly appearance stop you from soaking in the summer rays, looking your best and having a beautiful summer.