There are nude parties at Ivy League schools, where you can’t get drunk

Students say they felt liberated, energized and alive

At America’s prestigious Ivy League universities, they’re spicing up their evenings by attending ‘naked parties’. These strictly run and meticulously organised events are becoming increasingly popular in American universities, with many plucking up the courage to try something new.

What better way to throw yourself into university life by partying nude in a room packed with strangers?  The phenomenon has gained prominence in recent years and provides an interesting alternative to standard clubbing or house parties. The catch? There’s no alcohol, no drugs and a strict rule on staring.

The roots of the modern “naked party” movement can be traced back to Brown University in the 1980s. Since then, they have gradually become a big part of the American party scene. Attendees of a naked party report that after initial awkwardness, as a few minutes pass people loosen up and begin to feel comfortable.  The idea is that as you shed you clothes, you lose your inhibitions and open up. The whole room is at ease because everyone is in the same boat: stark naked and attempting to make normal conversation. The carefree atmosphere seeks to make every participant feel at home since everyone’s nudity is accepted, no matter what you look like. These parties are a form of stress relief.

If you’ve just signed up to one with the belief you’re guaranteed a shag – think again. These parties are not what they seem – most naked college parties are sex free: shocking, I know. However that’s not to say people don’t hook up as a result of them – there’s hope for you yet.

Drinks are provided – normally some champagne but nothing excessive and no one gets drunk, participants are expected to behave with a touch of class. Sophistication, intelligent conversation, eye contact, new faces to be introduced to: this is a normal party, but simply without your clothes. Former Yale student, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us: “It really does change social expectations and how you think about embarrassment. And how you think about clothing and the way it affects our image of ourselves.”

The nakedness is more of an experiment in social interaction than a sexual experience. People go to have a laugh and make some new friends, not to dive into a wild orgy. There are strict rules about touching and gawking, and if guests start getting too friendly with each other, they’re asked to leave. In other words, you keep your hands to yourself.

It all starts with a cryptic invitation :  You are invited to a Party this Hallow’s Eve. Meet on Cross Campus…at 11, 11:30, Midnight…The location will be revealed, as will you.”  (received by a Yale student via email)

An anonymous Brown university student told The Tab: “You will be brought to one room to undress and store your stuff, and then when you’re ready, you can head to the party room. The party room is pretty similar to any other party. There are a few drinks, music, dim lights, and a bunch of people”.

They have a desexualized atmosphere, people don’t go to hook up but more for the experience. There is always a room for people to ‘cool off’ if they too excited. People tend to try look above the eye line and keep eye contact so they don’t look like perverts.

This innovative approach partying has gone down a treat in the US, and perhaps UK students will be inspired to seek the same sort of invigoration and follow suit.