Today’s anti-Brexit protest in London’s Trafalgar Square has been cancelled

Over 50,000 people had clicked attending

The Stand Together: London event in protest of the EU Referendum result, set to be at 5pm today, has been cancelled following unprecedented interest. The organiser, Jessica Rodgers, posted on the page last night saying the event was unfeasible because of safety and capacity.

She explained: “We’ve tried all we can to ensure this could go ahead. However logistically it’s not possible to ensure a safe event.Trafalgar Square can hold 10,000 people – and that’s with security barriers, stewards, road closures, and a full contingency plan. Considering the speed with which this event has picked up, arranging everything required in time is simply not possible. Given this, with a heavy heart, it’s too dangerous for the attendees for the event to go ahead.”

This news follows debate that was sparked earlier on the event when its name was changed from “London Stays” to “Stand Together” after confusion that the intended message was for London to become an independent state and rejoin the EU. Although the change was meant to call for solidarity amongst Remain voters, many were angry that the new name seemed too passive to reflect their anger at the outcome of the Referendum.

Nevertheless, those still wishing to protest will not be disappointed: Remainers are insisting that the protest will go ahead regardless of the cancellation. A new replica event, “London STILL Stays”, has been created from the last, and will take place at the same time and place – in Trafalgar Square from 5pm-9pm this evening. A separate event – a march planned for Saturday, “March to Parliament Against Brexit”, will also continue as intended.