Nobody panic, but Francis Boulle is coming back to Made In Chelsea

The news we all dreamed of

Made In Chelsea has lost some of our favourite faces over the past five years. Spencer, Cheska, Phoebe, all dead. But none hurt more than the loss of our beloved Francis Boulle in series six (briefly returning in series 10).

Thankfully, this is going to be the best summer of our young lives because now he’s back. Francis will return for another special summer series, which this time sees the Chelsea lot go on a merry jaunt to the French Riviera for MIC: South of France.

Francis, who left the show in 2013, has been busy working for his literal gold mining business in West Africa and South America, and writing his magnus opus, Boulle’s Jewels: The Business of Life.

Now he’ll be back in our lives for a wondrous six week episode run, hopefully bringing his awkward whimsy to France’s most luxurious holiday destination.

We missed him.