One in five students have used modafinil: study drug survey results

A quarter of finalists have taken the study drug du jour

NUS delegate has SEVEN-person orgy in lunch break

Sabbatical officer engages in steamy group sex session…ONE DAY before representing his uni as an NUS delegate

Students are more likely to vote Tory than any other party, and more would vote Green than Lib Dem

Most students care about politics but feel ignored by Westminster, a Tab survey has found

Why I want to go to Mars by aspiring Martian and Oxford undergrad Ryan MacDonald

Ryan MacDonald, writing exclusively for the Tab, has just been named on an international shortlist to take part in a one-way mission to Mars.

Howay: Brookes fresher snogs Cheryl Cole on New Year’s Eve

Brookes boy has night of his life in Cape Town


Fat bearded man spotted in millions of homes accused of eating cookies and stealing carrots to feed his reindeer.

Over a quarter of students don’t trust Muslims

Tab study also reveals nearly 75% of students do not believe in God

We did a fashion shoot with Lily Cole

As part of the launch of Lily Cole’s app Impossible, we met up for a Saturday morning stroll and took a few photos.

This “creepy” site is uploading your pics for people to drool over

Ratemash.com has uploaded 150,000 students’ Facebook profiles without their permission.

Spencer Matthews shags a student

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beds Birmingham student in steamy romp

Big dawg in big mess

DJ Tim Westwood tells freshers young enough to be his grandchildren to “keep their pussies tight and clean”

Edinburgh bans ‘Blurred Lines’ from student buildings

No. 1 causing feminist stir has been banned from being played in all EUSA buildings.

1 in 4 have lied to get into uni

26% of students have lied on their personal statements to get into university…

The May Ball Crashers

A group of individuals known only as ‘The C Team’ illegally infiltrated several Balls this May Week.

Soundtrack: The Durham Story

The Tab gives you an exclusive preview of the original soundtrack for The Durham Story documentary, being premiered this Friday in Castle’s Great Hall.

How Offal! Uni Tests On 36 Animals Per Day

We’re not horsing around!

Manchester United

Man Utd and Man City send their congratulations to record-breakers from Manchester University.

Klute and Boathouse fate sealed

Klute’s final reckoning set for the last week of exams.

Fowl play: Killer geese run riot at Lakeside

If you see this lot swanning around, run for your life!