Students are more likely to vote Tory than any other party, and more would vote Green than Lib Dem

Most students care about politics but feel ignored by Westminster, a Tab survey has found

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  • Conservatives come out on top of UK-wide survey, with 33% of students stating they would vote Tory
  • Liberal Democrats are less popular with students than the Green Party
  • 70% of respondents feel they aren’t represented by the government

The results are in, and after a whopping 5,477 responses, The Tab can confirm some horrifying and interesting truths about the most ignored demographic in UK politics.

According to our opinion poll, the Conservatives are the most popular party with UK students, enjoying a 3% lead over Labour.

While it’s bad news for Ed Miliband, it’s even worse for the Lib Dems who are fourth, behind the Greens by 2%. Nick Clegg looking sad has never been more relevant.

The news will be a pleasure to big Dave’s ears, as the Tories are normally considered an old blokes’ party, out of touch with students. They’re also currently behind Labour in the national polls.

The placing of the Lib Dems will probably come as no surprise to poor old Nick though, as the majority of UK students feel royally buggered by his party’s broken promises from last time around.


Students are a key demographic in the UK, and our survey has found that while only 5% say they don’t care about politics and 89% plan to vote in the next election, a huge 70% don’t feel properly represented by Westminster.

They don’t feel much better about the National Union of Students either. 35% of respondents said they felt the NUS could do better, 23% said they were bloody useless, and 35% also said they had no idea what the NUS even does.

A measly 7% said they were currently happy with the support they receive from the NUS (and they were probably just saying that because they’re happy about the free McDonald’s burgers).

The key issues

  • Majority support gay marriage, legalising marijuana and remaining in the EU
  • Almost two-thirds of students at Scottish universities would vote No in the upcoming independence referendum


In the wake of the Farage vs. Clegg EU debate, our survey has found almost three quarters of students are in favour of the UK’s integration with the EU.

Only 6% said they would vote UKIP in our opinion poll, and a meagre 16% fancied withdrawing from the EU altogether.

The university with the most “No” answers was Exeter, which is not too surprising as UKIP had their party conference at Exeter University and Farage’s son is a graduate of the Devon establishment.

Scottish independence

Wow, the SNP won’t be happy with their uni students. An overwhelming majority of students at Scottish universities are in favour of the union, suggesting that it really is just grumpy old fogies like Alex Salmond who want Scotland to break away.

This contrasts with the national polls that show 47% for the Yes campaign.

Speaking to The Tab, an SNP spokesperson said “We are confident of achieving a Yes vote in September. A Yes vote is vital to build on and protect the gains of the Scottish Parliament, such as free university education.”


Yes, almost HALF of you said you want weed to be totally legal. So come on Dave, get on the blower to the House of Commons and put the wheels in motion!

Cambridge students were the highest (if you’ll pardon the pun) on the list of students who answered “Yes, completely”.

Same sex marriage

UK students have overwhelmingly backed the recent legalisation of gay marriage, and rightly so.

The highest proportion of respondents who answered “No” were Exeter students. Shame on you, Exeter.

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for

We gave you three names and one simple question.

Nick Griffin, Alex Salmond, Nigel Farage: Shag, Marry, Kill.

The majority of the UK’s students would shag Nigel, marry Salmond, and kill Griffin

Why would you want to marry Alex Salmond? Surely he’d just want to separate straight away? Quite frankly, it’s baffling.

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